The Story So Far: Sessions 1-3

Session 1
Took part in excavations in the Forbidding Hills; helped several workers to escape attack by undead, trapped underground with Vaerlan and Vimak after cave-in. Explored dungeon, banished imprisoned shadow creature with blood sacrifice while fighting undead. Escaped to the surface and reported back to excavation leaders.

Session 2
Rest and recovery in Pekal. Employed by tiefling archeologist Mak Ghaltar to find ancient standing stones in the western Gnoll Hills and secure an encampment nearby for excavations. Competed with three rival adventuring groups to reach objective; mission successful thanks to ritual magic, help by friendly halfling river merchants, and our awesome elven ranger :). Found the standing stones to serve as a holy place for several gnoll tribes led by a strong chieftain, explored nearby cave containing scrying pool and kruthik nest. After arrival of expeditionary force, tasked by gruff dwarven general from Fort Danar to find and assassinate the gnoll chieftain in preparation of securing the holy site; found the chieftain’s castle after scouting several nearby ruins.

Session 3
Scouted the castle for points of entry and discussed our options. Entered the castle through an undead-infested crypt. Cleared several rooms, discovered a secret storage, a tomb watched over by a direguard, and a secret passage. Went through the passage and arrived at the castle’s throne room, eavesdropped on chieftain’s assault plans on encampment. Successful surprise attack and battle with gnolls; left no survivors or witnesses, covered our tracks and traveled back to the camp on the same way.



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