Session 4

Returned to the camp in triumph. Relocation of camp to standing stones and subsequent fortification; excavations started, learned Old Speech under Mak’s tutelage. After about a month, scouts reported that several gnoll warbands were heading towards our camp, just as we had found a granite sphere protected by magical barriers buried under the stones. Scouted suitable locations for battle and set up ambushes; successfully lead troops in battle against gnoll warbands to buy time for retrieval of granite sphere and evacuation of camp. Covered retreat of expedition southwards and slaughtered several gnoll champions accompanied by an evistro demon who had cut off our way of retreat. Made it back to Pekal and celebrated at Mak’s manor.

Investigated the granite sphere the next day using the ritual Object Reading, discussed results and possible connections of sphere to the Pyramids of Light found all over the continent for the next few days. Heard rumors of rampaging gnolls having attacked on Fort Danar and heading south to Pekal, encountered three dwarven bounty hunters looking for us in the deserted parts of the city, on the way to Mak. Took dwarven paladin of Ankja prisoner, wounded the other two dwarves who then escaped by using emergency routes prepared by them. Investigated left-behind belongings and found two swords belonging to Vaerlan that had been stolen from him years ago. Interrogated prisoner, learned the other dwarves’ names (Ekut and Obni Bronzeknuckles) and that they had been hired by gnolls, a deal that was brokered by the Abyssal-speaking Ekut (star pact warlock). After the interrogation, some discussion, and an angry Vaerlan venting his frustration by stabbing the dwarf’s foot with a dagger (because the dwarf claimed he didn’t know about Vaerlan’s stolen swords), Torrin explained to the dwarf that he could not tolerate letting someone live who works for the demon-worshiping gnolls, and beheaded him on the spot.

Went to Mak who was packing together in a hurry due to an angry mob outside blaming him for the rampaging gnolls. Mak suspected that the gnolls were coming for the granite sphere. We escorted Mak out of the city at running speed to where our wagons and horses were, and left Pekal, presumably for good.



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